Tree services Weybridge

Are you looking for the right Tree Services Company in Weybridge? NSL Tree Services offer the following tree services throughout Weybridge

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Sectional Felling & Tree Removal Weybridge

The removal of a tree to ground level. The tree is dismantled in sections using the latest rope and rigging techniques so as not to cause damage to surrounding structures and plant life.

Crown Reductions

Reducing the overall size and volume of the tree whilst maintaining its original shape.

Crown Lifting & Tree Pruning

Removing the lowest branches of the tree allowing increased access, sunlight penetration and air circulation.

Crown Thinning & Clearing - Tree Care

Crown Thinning involves removing branches throughout the crown to allow more light. Crown Cleaning, usually done in conjunction with thinning removes dead, diseased or weakly attached branches that are in danger of falling.


The tree is dramatically pruned, usually to just 2 or 3 meters high and all minor branches are removed. His encourages lateral branch growth and can be an effective method of reducing the size of a tree.

If you are looking for tree services in Weybridge, look no further than NSL Tree Services. We offer a friendly and professional service in and around Weybridge. All our tree services involve skilled techniques and our tree surgeons are fully trained, use the latest techniques and follow all health and safety guidelines.

In Summary here are just some of our Tree services that are on offer to you in Cobham:

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