Tree services Esher

Are you looking for a Tree Services Company in Esher? NSL Tree Services are highly qualified, fully insured tree surgeons with many years of experience, we carry out all aspects of tree surgery across Esher. When trees become unhealthy or a problem it may be necessary to use a tree surgeon to undertake services such as tree removal or pruning trees.

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Our highly qualified tree surgeons use their skills and experience to carry out the techniques below including tree removal, pruning trees, tree stump removal or tree felling.

No job is too big or too small; we carry out everything from garden services such as hedge trimming to pruning trees, tree felling and site clearance.

Here are just a few reasons to call NSL Tree Services Esher:

Tree Removal/Tree Felling – the process of tree removal/tree felling is often done using a chainsaw and therefore can be very dangerous. It is important to use a tree surgeon with the appropriate chainsaw qualifications when removing/felling trees.

Pruning Trees – this is the most common tree maintenance method and involves removing selected parts of the tree to shape your tree.

Tree Stump Removal – once a tree has been felled it may be necessary for tree stump removal as new shoots can arise from the tree trunk and roots causing problems, a tree stump grinder is often used for tree stump removal.

Crown Reduction – this technique is used when a tree has become too large for its space and is causing a problem, a certain percentage of the height and size of the tree is removed. It is important to use a highly qualified tree surgeon to carry out crown reduction as it involves climbing and usually the use of a chainsaw.

Crown Thinning – this involves reducing density of the tree crown by thinning selected branches to allow more light through the tree, only a professional tree surgeon should carry out crown thinning as performing this technique incorrectly can cause damage to the tree.

Crown Lifting – this involves removing selected lower branches of the tree mainly for health and safety reasons i.e. to allow pedestrians to walk under the tree without injury or to allow cars to drive under the tree.

Dead Wooding – this method is used to remove any dead wood from the tree to prevent any part of the tree falling onto vehicles, pedestrians etc, a qualified tree surgeon will have the expertise to advise which areas of the tree need to be removed.

In Summary here are just some of our Tree services that are on offer to you in Cobham:

If you are interested in our Tree Services in Esher please call one of our fully certified arborists who will be happy to assist on 01932 782863