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In general terms these are the main types of tree pruning services that are on offer here at NSL Tree Services:

In the UK where sunlight is limited, there is a great demand for trees to be pruned in order to improve the precious moments spent in the garden during the summer months. Beyond this, pruning whether the whole tree or individual branches has a wide range of benefits. It can encourage the production of fruit, maintain tree health by encouraging good structural integrity. It has safety benefits and can protect people or property from storm damaged branches or even worse, tree failure. It can help prevent interference with signposts, roads and paths, overhead cables (telephone or electric) satellite dishes and tv aerials (improving reception in the process) and buildings, windows or guttering.

From an amenity point of view it can improve the beauty and subsequent enjoyment of your trees. It is a great alternative to removing the tree and when carried out by one of our conscientious Tree Surgeons at NSL Tree Services can provide you with the best of both worlds.

Call us today to discuss your needs. We will provide honest, well-informed advice and can provide you with a range of options outlining the advantages and disadvantages of any potential work with no obligation.

Our Pruning Won’t Kill Trees

Tree decay can be accelerated if a substantial proportion of the cross-section of a stem or major branch is exposed by pruning wounds. Every pruning cut inflicts a wound on the tree so it is important to take account of the long term effects of pruning and keep every cut as small as possible.

Some Trees Don’t Like to be Pruned As well as the points above certain species don’t react so well to pruning so it is important to gain the correct advice before you commence; what seems to offer a short term benefit could turn into a long term liability with hidden costs over time, financially or otherwise.

Selective pruning

Crown thinning

Crown Lifting (or Crown Raising)

Removal of Deadwood

Formative Pruning

In Summary here are just some of our Tree Services that are on offer in Weybridge

If you are interested in our Tree Pruning Service in Weybridge, please call one of our fully certified arborists who will be happy to assist on 01932 782863